RTI Vortex 4200 Printer

The Vortex™ family of printers are powered by revolutionary Memjet® technology. The core element of Memjet® wide format technology that powers the Vortex™ 4200 is five Memjet® printheads that deliver single-pass printing for never-before seen speeds.

The result is a printhead that is up to 8 times faster than traditional inkjet printheads. Memjet® color printheads use “waterfall” technology. Simply put, each of the five printheads contain 70,400 nozzles and fire millions of ink drops per second. This single pass methodology means no more compromise between speed and quality!

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RTI Vortex 850S Sheet and Envelope Printer

Brilliant, consistent production color and customized output—including envelopes.

The Vortex® 850S has been designed to do specific tasks extremely well. Due to the advantages of speed, flexibility and high color printing quality, the Vortex 850S is extremely suited to the addressing & mailing industries, envelopes and stationery, wedding, birthday, holiday card and special event invitation printing; barcoding and for accounts printing and pre-printed sheet labels. Variable data color A4 sheets and envelopes at high speeds and low costs.

With an effective speed up to 9,000 envelopes per hour (12 ips), the Vortex® printer forms a useful adjunct to traditional analog print methodology (litho, screen print, flexo). The low set-up time and zero cost of setup means that short runs are now possible and cost-effective. It allows mail centers, print shops and marketers of all sizes to take advantage of exceptional color printing flexibility and printing speed.

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