Tango CTP System

File to Press-Ready Plates

    Tango CTPIJ System provides:

  • Sharp text and line art
  • Positive imaging
  • Ideal for one, two and multi-pot-color jobs
  • Four-color process up to 175 line screen
  • Runs lengths up to 50,000 impressions

    With no intermediate steps, materials or processing

  • Chemistry-free Digital System
  • Grained anodized aluminum plates
  • Easy-use compact design
  • Two and Four page models
  • Simple and affordable to upgrade

Tango is an easy-to-use, clean and compact digital way to produce aluminum printing plates for a wide range of presses. A precise registration system ensures that plates will have an exact fit on press, resulting in fast makeready and high print quality.

Tango plates provide all the familiar characteristics of electrochemically grained aluminum plates, including fast roll-up, excellent ink/water balance control, and compatibility with common press solutions. There is no stretch or creep associated with polyester and paper plates.

Tango plates are well suited for a wide range of jobs.

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